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It's not just dumplings. It's a story.

It's a story about my passion for cooking, eating, creating and appreciating. When I was 6 or 7, I baked a chocolate cake with the help of one of my mother's friends... and that was that. I knew right then and there that I wanted to cook! 

My first experience with Chinese food was when I was around 10 years old and my parents took us to Chinatown in Cyrildene for dinner. It might not have happened immediately but those childhood excursions to unknown places and hidden restaurants, helped open my eyes to the world. There was more to food than just Mac & Cheese and Chicken a la King... Don't get me wrong, I love a good Mac and Cheese, but Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Malaysian food quickly became some of my favourite cuisines. Chinese dim sum in particular, captured my heart and now my aim is to help the hearts of Jozi locals, to be captured by it too.

Dim sum dumplings is now my thing and nothing brings me more happiness than balancing the traditional with creativity. I offer traditional dim sum dumplings but if during the testing of recipes, I stumble across an unusual combination that works, I will put it into production as well. Alongside dumplings, I offer complimenting dipping sauces to complete the meal.

Dumplings are made to order and take around 48 hours from receiving the order to production, freezing, packaging and distribution. Our ingredients are sourced from a local butchery, farmstalls and markets specialising in Asian ingredients. DumplingD dumplings are made with attention to detail that elevates them to the quality previously only available in fine dining restaurants. 

Being a millennial, I am passionate about sustainability and making sure that my business is environmentally friendly. My aim is to avoid unnecessary plastics, use earth-friendly cleaning products, carefully source the best ingredients from local suppliers and farms and to keep food waste to the absolute minimum. DumplingD packaging is bio-degradable and can be thrown away in good conscience or left to degrade on home compost heaps.

Store your dumplings in the freezer and cook and enjoy these tasty creations at home in less than 15 minutes, all within a few simple steps. Comprehensive and detailed cooking instructions are included in each box to guide you. Traditionally, dim sum is served in small bowls of three, but don't be afraid to put more dumplings on your plate at home. There are no hard rules when it comes to food... As long as you enjoy what you are eating nothing else matters!

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